eisenberger employs the required staff for designing and supporting system engineers who`s core competences are hydraulically and pneumatically powered production technologies :

» Archmoulding in foundries and steel works,
» Reshape steel in forging plants, hammer and rolling mills,
» Pressing (in woods and laminates too),
» Blowing of plastic products,
» Environmental equipment and sewage plants and
» Production technologies.

Our partners are midsized companies, automotive plants and OEMs for mechanical engineering.

Our range of ability is

» Drive and control designing with cycle diagrams, schematics and bill of material, ready for      inquiring
» Designing of customized production equipment and devices with overall drawings,      component drawings and bill of material, ready for inquiring
» Project management.

Your advantage is

» Additional external engineering capacity which looks after Your companies interest and      agitates together with You at the jobsite
» Interface free project realisation by our project management or carry-out of the hydraulic      project by our company
» Recredit of the engineering costs if the hydraulics are carried out by our company
» Implementing the eisenberger -infra structure (manufacturing, assembling, start-up,      worldwide service and logistics) during project realisation and assistance