11 – 2010

A new “hydraulic Goliath” leaves, after successfully performed pre-acceptance, our shop.

A ready to start up manufactured hydraulic power unit for servo testing systems, customized to a German client. The unit consists not only of the hydraulic system, but also of the pcu-power-controlled cabinets for the electric motors, the cabinet for the generell systems controls and the pc cabinet for remote visualisation and operation :

  • Splitted oil tank with oil dearation of a capacity of 15,000 liters
  • Output of 10x  295 lpm (total 2,950 lpm) at a working pressure of 280 bar with a power input of 160 kW each
  • Return oil capacity of 4,000 lpm at a filtration rate of 5 microns absolutely
  • Off-line-filtration with 275 lpm at a filtration rate of 2 microns absolutely
  • Cooling capacity of 2x 750 kW

If You have the need of something simular (we engineer and manufacture professionally „small hpu`s” aswell), please contact Mr. Schlemper (gschlemper@eisenberger.de) or Mr. Ebert (mebert@eisenberger.de).


01 – 2010


DCU® (Drive & Control Unit), series 3X

„The „pump“ is the control unit“

  • easier design for easy partial replacement
  • price reduced
  • off the shelf delivery in the sizes (cm³/rev) : 4, 6, 8, 10, 14, 16, 19, 23
  • stacking accessories for CETOP 03 controls ex shelf
  • very simple assembling
  • power pack accessories off the shelf
  • Do-It-Yourself within 2 hours (hydraulic schematics + b.o.m. costfree !)
  • call for papers  „hpu DCU2“ per email through our info service


04 – 2008

The first of two wireless controlled special vehicles for hot (about 1.000°C) maintenance of refractory lining for converters was shipped for Finnland.
The workmates were proud about the realisation of this unique machine by their skills.

The management is happy about the customer’s announcement of new orders for further three units because of the state of the art engineering and the high quality of the unit.


03 – 2008

The designs of the switch-on valves (controlled switch on/off of flows up to 120 lpm at 300 bar), designed by eisenberger for hydraulic test centres, has been rounded down:

now, the “baby” is available off the shelf.