Standstill times of fluid-driven production plants and machines cause partner image losses and are very expensive. Therefore we have in stock the most current accessories in order to help you quickly and efficiently.


  • Filters and filtration systems:For absolute filtration designed pressure line, return line and off-line filter systems
    for flow rates of 15 to 7,800 l/min, mesh from 1m to 100µ


  • Ölreinigungseinheit OC:Stationäres, tragbares oder fahrbares Filtersystem für die kontinuierliche Reinigung von Fluidsystemen mit Fördervolumen von 15-126 l/min.


  • Accumulators and accumulator units:Diaphragm, bladder and piston accumulators with accessories for filling and testing,
    assembling accessories and safety blocks.


  • Power unit accessories and plant accessories:Oil reservoirs, heating and cooling units, measuring and monitoring devices for
    pressure, temperature, oil level and distance.


  • Plant accessories:Single subplates, multi-station blocks, manifolds and adapter plates.


  • Connecting and piping systems:Fittings, pre-assembly machines for fittings, flanges, pipe clamps, hoses, valves and cleaning systems for piping.