Prompted by technical requirements or visions, our engineers and designers have developed customized compact and leakproof manifold modules. All modules are designed, manufactured (including prototyping) and tested as systems ready for operation in our company. This procedure avoids interface problems and guarantees shorter delivery times.

  • Standard solutions:
    Budget-priced manifolds owing to efficient production: 2- to 5-multi-station blocks (SAO …) with DIN/ISO/CETOP porting patterns for directional valves of nominal sizes 6, 10, 16 and 25 in universal design (3x „P“ + „T“ ports, measuring ports in „A“ + „B“), partly porting pattern reduced multi-station-blocks (SAR…) directional valves of nominal size 6 with 10, 10 with 16 and 16 with 25 (2x „P“ + „T“ ports, measuring ports in „A“ + „B“), adapters, built-on and sandwich type plates for special applications.


  • Customized solutions:
    Special control manifolds of any size and technology are designed by our system engineers and draftsmen together with our customer so as to ensure good accessibility of the built-on/built-in valves and thus economic integration into the customer’s machine concept. Developed, manufactured, assembled and function-tested on schedule in a very short time (8 to 10 weeks), such „tailor-made“ solutions will also make a contribution to our customer’s success.