It always was and still is eisenbergers deep conviction and philosophy that only a reliable parts and systems availability, that is focussed on their customers, backs up and improves a lasting partnership to a fluidistic technology center:

» High availability of essential spare parts (the layout of eisenberger designed power and      control units is determined by our stock !!!)
» Direct pick-up from the shelf (by Your employees or other transportation means) (Monday      till Friday from 730 am to 500 pm)
» Urgent orders, incoming Monday till Friday before 1100 am, will be shipped same day, if on      stock
» Standard orders will be shipped within three working days, if on stock
» Stock content displayed via our web-site and on-line orders are cost      effective and manufacturer independent supported by our BRAND SWITCH PROGRAM      (BSP)
» Customized and cost effective external spare part stocking

Our regular customers meet their demands out of this „container“ on their preagreed
purchase basis. „Strangers“ do we serve Germany wide.

Our partners are

» Medium-sized companies (manufacturing plants in general, construction companies, die-      casting and injection moulding plants, wood processing plants, foundaries, press-, stone-      and concrete-plants),
» Large-scale enterprises (steelworks, forging plants, rolling mills),
» OEMs.
» Automotive works and
» Municipal enterprises (civil engineering, sewage plants, public baths).

Your advantages are

» Reduced costs for spare parts stocking
» Implementing the eisenberger -infrastructure into Your business
» Access to a flexible and customer focussed supplier