Welded pipes of hydraulic systems need to be descaled, cleaned and protected after welding in a way that:
» they can meet inside cleanliness standards of the fluid medias and
» they can be protected outside according to the preservation stipulations of the equipment.

This „vein-service“ is offered by eisenberger

Single pipes or pipe bundles
are delivered to us in order to:
» be descaled inside (welding seam and tube) by pickeling
» be passivated inside and outside
» be phosphated inside and outside
» be sprayed with preservation oil inside
» be primed and coated outside and then
» be sealed transportation proof

A pickling reservoir with a straight length of six meters and an elbow section of one meter allow the treatment of of straight and elbowed pipes.

The required crane lift-capacity has been installed to make easy handling possible. Lead time (depending on the order volume) is 1 – 5 working days.

conditions for tube descaling